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About Us

Ashley and I (Jason) decided we would like to try and make extra money posting videos on YouTube. Turns out we kind of enjoy it making videos and editing them. Before February 2021 our only cameras were cheap crap like the vivitar action cam 4k, oh brother. But iPhone and the Pixel were game changers. Decent 4K cameras with a phone. We have never edited video before either. We started learning how to edit with an iPad and lumafusion in Feb. 2021. Yes, it can be done, but it's kind of like driving a minivan way too fast on a switchback curvy mountain pass00! breath. Now I'm self learning Final Cut Pro. We're learning new tricks with every video we edit. Also, we edit out own videos.


Our first channel is Iceman Does Videos. The naming of this channel was kind of a mistake. I got a nickname years ago and a lot of people call me Iceman, including my kids. So I ran with it, now I think I would have rather used my name. So it stays. Most of my videos will be about cooking. I am just filming me cook dinner for me and my family. I make pretty good food. 

Our second channel is Our Messy Nest. The channel is hosted by Ashley Abt. The channels main focus is on motivational cleaning for those dreadful household chores that nobody wants to do. 

And coming soon to a podcast app near you. I plan on launching a podcast. The podcast will be a talk show about whatever I feel like talking about that day. Maybe discuss things that matter to me. Maybe have guest host. Still thinking about my approach. But I'm going to do it.   

Donations Welcome :)

Currently we make no money from our work here, so feel free to donate to our cause. Thanks. Any one that donates will get a mention in our next video. As an added bonus any one that donates $20/$10 dollars earns an executive/associate producer credit that will roll at the beginning of the show and in the description. It will read something like this

Executive producer/s 10 seconds

john doe / memphis tn

www,whateverhere,com or youtube channel


Associate producer/s 5 seconds 

john doe / jackson mi

www,whateverhere,com or youtube channel

 All other donations under $10 will be thanked with just their names and location on a special thanks list. Or just stay anonymous. 

I will also sell ad reads. Contact me. (Contact info coming soon)

In my venture and quest I have found these channels and podcast very helpful and motivational:

The No-Agenda Show. 

All the host at Think Media

Pat Flynn

Special Thanks

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